Questions & Answers – new goAML webforms presentation 21/01/2021

Please find below the list of questions during the presentation of the new goAML 4.7 webforms:

Will the presentation be made available after the session?

Yes, the presentation is available for download here: 20210121-Presentation-GoAMLWeb-47-EN


Do we get a certificate for following this training­?

­Unfortunately, we cannot send any certificates­.


Will the currently drafted reports be lost with the rollout of the new version on the 23rd, or will they be still be available to be submitted?

Reports drafted in the « old » forms can be accessed after the update and will simply be opened in the new layout.


Will we keep the « old » communications/emails/report history that we had with FIU in the new version?­

­No old information will be lost, except for the information concerned by the already existing clean-up rules.


Will there be a way to change the type of report after creating it?

No, you will need to create a new report, but that was already the case in the current webforms (once you saved it, there was no means to change the type).


This option currently presented « Requested Information Transaction report » means that the current process of answering to FIU requests received via message board will be performed via this option?­

There is no change in our procedure.

If the persons and/or accounts are unknown to the reporting entity, you reply “unknown” to the message in the message board.

If the persons and/or accounts are known to the reporting entity, you reply by filing a Requested Information Transaction Report or a Requested Information Activity Report with the relevant information.

For more information:


­If the FIU request is to submit the transactions occurred during 5 years, how can we deal with this request in an efficient way?­

The most efficient way would be to upload the transactions as an XML. Your IT department could transform the information into the required XML format.


Is only XML format for transactions going to be accepted, or Excel is accepted as well?­

­Only XML is supported, otherwise you need to type them in manually in the web form.


­In the Transaction report, is a client of the Fund managed by a ManCo to be considered as ‘My Client’ by the Manco?­



If we were to report a transfer in a foreign currency, do we have to convert to EUR for the mandatory field that asks for EUR amount? (I note that there is also a field for foreign currency further down the form.)­

You must provide the amount in EUR in the mandatory field and then specify in the foreign currency part of the form, which currency it is, the amount in that currency and the exchange rate :­


­I noticed some fields are mandatory in the address section, but if no information is known? ­

­You don’t have to add an address. The fields are only mandatory if you do, so if you don’t have the information, you can just not add an address.­


We also have transactions without bank accounts (share ownership). If the bank account number is mandatory, how do we proceed?­

Please see


Is there an option to change the language in the form? ­

Yes, there are two flags in the upper right corner, where you can choose between French and English.­


Could we have specific instructions (minimum expected fields for the XML) to provide to our IT?­

The xsd schema is available on our FAQ :


­With new goAML updates, XML mapping will change or it will stay unchanged? ­

­The XML mapping is unchanged for version 4.7­.


­Has there been a change to character limit? We appear to have fewer characters than goAML in other jurisdictions?

No change.


­Will all types of documents (PDF etc.) will be accepted or only some types and therefore we need to adapt?

No changes. For more information:


I can see all reports independent who posted it ?­

Yes, unless you specify specific user rights.­


In case we used a personal Luxtrust token for goAML access, can we use it when we change employer or do we need a new Luxtrust product?­

The link between a Luxtrust product and the reporting entity is definitive and cannot be unlinked; therefore if you change employer, you must use another Luxtrust product and either register the new reporting entity or register yourself for the existing reporting entity.


Is it possible to add legal persons as director as well?

­Will be supported in goAML 5.0­


I see format for transactions is likely supporting the traditional banking ones, I would be interested if it is also supporting Crypto transactions?­

­Will be supported in goAML 5.0­


Is a special browser version needed (Java version?)­

­Internet Explorer is NOT supported anymore. You can use any of the following: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and probably also Safari (has not been tested). No other changes regarding required software.



­We will organize a specific meeting for the investment sector. We are aware that the sector has a lot of questions.­